Navigating your business 
to higher profits

If you have a business, you need to understand and work
with numbers, it's the language of business.

  • Services
  • Practice business re-view
  • Buying or selling a practice
  • Practice valuations
  • Formulating a business plan
  • Practice re-vamp plan
  • Retirement exit plan
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The book

This book is the first of its kind authored by a South African. Although the book is essentially a text book for optometric students, its reach is far greater than that. It will serve the young optometric graduate well, but will add value to any practice owner and it does not have to be read from cover to cover to make sense...

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About Chris Faul

Chris Faul is a graduate from the University of Houston College of Optometry. He holds a Diploma in Optometry (Wits Tech SA) BSc (UH USA) Doctoral in Optometry (UHCO USA). He practiced optometry for many years, but for the past twenty years...

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Buying or selling a practice

Buying or selling a practice requires skill at a professional level. There is the question of practice valuation, due dilligence, and tax implications. Then there is the intuitive component that must be taken into acount. However, the biggest obstacle is finding funding to do the deal. My Give or Take method provides the solution.


Practice business review? Buying or selling a practice? Practice valuations?
Formulating a business plan? Practice re-vamp planning? Retirement exit planning?