Review: Shannon de Klerk 


This book is the first of its kind authored by a South African. Although the book is essentially a text book for optometric students, its reach is far greater than that. It will serve the young optometric graduate well, but will add value to any practice owner and it does not have to be read from cover to cover to make sense. For example, the ECP (Eye care professional) who is starting a practice or exiting a practice, will find valuable information by reading the relevant chapters.

The author draws on an immense reservoir of experience and shares some wonderful pearls of wisdom which can be instantly applied in practice. The theme throughout the book promotes the importance of having the right information at the right time and in a format that the optometrist can easily relate to, in order to take charge of the financial management of an optometric practice.

The author holds true to his promise not to overwhelm the reader with confusing technical accounting terminology. He makes a concerted effort to bring business concepts to the optometrist in a format easy to understand.

Optometrists, as a rule, see themselves as clinicians and tend to abscond from the responsibility of the financial management of the practice. Navigating the business of optometry goes a long way in closing the gap between the clinician and business manager. Prof Tuwani Rasengane, who should be commended for her vision, approached Chris to write a book for her students but the end result delivers far beyond that goal. This book fills a huge gap in the optometric industry and Dr Faul’s effort should be recognised.

“Optometric schools worldwide have been slow to introduce business coaching as part of the curriculum, despite the fact that clinical and business aspects are inexorably linked. Hopefully, this book will help the student and young graduate close the gap between the clinical and the business requirements of a practice.”

The Navigating the Business of Optometry e-book can be purchased on Amazon and the Apple iTunes store.

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